The role of the company is to provide sound advice and service to the small business/home user community who are often over looked by the larger suppliers and restricted due to budget. Our specialty is in the area of  ICT/AV solutions for small business/homeowners so you can get the best return on ICT/AV investment. Our regular customers particularly value our wealth of knowledge  in the ICT/AV sector along with the industry contacts we have for specialist projects. We only use well known branded hardware and software which  minimises incompatibility issues.

Most relationships with potential clients start with a free meeting to discuss your project. This enables us to understand your requirements – “what you want to achieve” understand  any existing equipment and systems – “what you have got”. Then we explore where you want to be, how to get there.

After this intial meeting and information gathering activity we then start to build a project based on your needs. These projects sometimes are to modernise or replace an existing system. On other occasions we can be involved with a whole house project working alongside other trades and suppliers. We believe in the client relationship and will work with you to reach your goal.